Through my work I aim to examine and document my encounters with the soul (or lack thereof) and the manifestations of it; to deconstruct and reinvent the myth of Life and Death, and portray the tragic ambivalence of being.

     Piecing together fragments of my observations of the world that is in a never-ending conflict with itself, drawing from my own love-hate relationship with humankind, and flirting with social, ethical and spiritual semantics, I attempt to offer a view, a response, a commentary on the world as I experience it.
It is my silent dialogue with it, an intuitive, cathartic process of my coming to terms with it and defining my place in it.


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          ''Dark art is not something I chose to do, I suppose it just happened, as an extension of my cognition. In fact, I don’t really perceive my work as truly dark; it just hangs somewhere, in between, in some kind of eternal twilight, much like the subjects and landscapes it portrays.

Very early in life, before I even learned the importance or meaning of art, I experienced what would later shape all of me, including my expression. These early lessons were fundamental to my later understanding and views on ‘’life’’, ‘’being’’, and my own ‘’existence’’.

Bits and pieces of extreme beauty mixed with those of extreme violence in a grotesque collage of vivid memories; it was and remains a base layer for much of my work. Paired with various cultural and traditional influences, with nihilistic, cynical, misanthropic, pessimistic tendencies, but also the devastating, hopelessly human romanticizing of life and what it should and shouldn’t be - it all funneled into a sombre amalgamation that morphed and grew into what wanted to be spoken, what eventually became a common thread. There can exist no good without the evil, no joy without suffering, no light without the darkness, and no Life without Death. They are two sides of the same coin, two polarities that contradict yet feed on each other, and much like within everything we have the (humble) knowledge of - they conflict yet exist in a codependent, symbiotic, benignly parasitic holy matrimony. They are one and the same, one which is neither good nor evil, it simply is. It is the very notion of this primordial duality, existential indifference and the ambivalence of ‘’being’’, that is at the heart of most of my work.''

(short article on 'Dark Art' written for Arte Arcana book)


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     I'm a visual artist based in Hamilton, Canada. Art has been an important part of my life since a very young age. Owing to my inquisitive and restless nature, through my life I have been drawn to various art-forms and genres, and have explored and worked in numerous art forms and mediums - photography and photo-illustration being the most recent ones. Digital photography and its possibilities came as a new, important and useful device to aid my quest for personal truth and growth, and offer a new pathway to examine myself and the world, inside-out. It became a new powerful tool for expression and for making Art - dissecting the reality seen by the eye and rearranging the pieces into the one seen by the mind.


     My work has been published in print in Art Katalyst magazine (2015), Arte Arcana art book (2018), on several music album releases, and online in various web articles.  It has been exhibited on two continents, shown in various art events in Hamilton and Toronto, and it can be found in private collections around the world.




You can also find me on Facebook and Flickr.